Stew Leonards is upping their tasting game this Saturday and Sunday at their Danbury and Norwalk locations.

This Saturday and Sunday from 11am until 4pm Stew Leonards invites you down to their Norwalk and Danbury locations to get a whiff and a taste of Thanksgiving, Stew Leonard's style. Maybe you're looking to get adventurous and try out some new recipes on the 35 family members you've invited to your house for Thanksgiving.

Has Uncle Zeek been bitchin' and moanin' about your green bean casserole for the last 10 years? Instead of telling him to shove it up his hiney, try a new recipe from Stews! Maybe your every-year Thanksgiving stuffing tastes like feet. Find a new recipe in Stews this weekend.

Tired of your brussel sprouts being used as hockey pucks? Hit up Stews this weekend! Why add to the tension of a wholesome family Thanksgiving get-together by serving a dried up old turkey that you know Aunt Tilly's going to choke on like she did last year. You know what to do! Make it a good old Walton's family Thanksgiving and head on over to Stew Leonard's for some new recipes and their Thanksgiving sampling buffet in both their Norwalk and Danbury stores.

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