According to the NewsTimes, Enfield, CT resident, George Dobitsky, has been charged with multiple crimes after ramming two Massachusetts police cruisers.

The alleged event took place Saturday in Springfield, MA, and police say Dobitsky played chicken with their cruisers. He, according to the article, ended up ramming into two of the cars. He escaped the scene, and was picked up later that night.

Dobitsky has pleaded not guilty to seven different charges, and both officers were hospitalized, but have since been released. George Dobitsky is being held on $25,000 bond.

Way to go, slick. Do you think right before he did it, he said, "They hate it when you do this?" I do. I need to believe that. Either that, or he screamed "The Government!" That is what crazy people do. They scream about the government while committing crimes.

I have to say, being a cop in this day and age is a thankless job. I have to commend our police for their tireless and dangerous work. It is an absolute jungle out there.

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