According to, Elon Musk will send two civilians into space next year to orbit the moon in his Space X Rocket.

Reports say that both people have already put down sizable deposits for the trip, and have yet to be named. They will undergo training and medical checks to make sure they can physically and mentally survive the trip.

This is all well and good until you actually take a minute to think about it. I mean really think. We can't trust most civilians with a Hyundai Elantra, but now we want to shoot two of them into space and hope for the best? This is not an all inclusive Carnival cruise of the Caribbean. This is space.

Are you going to have some regular guy named Carl up in space? What if Carl is not an attention-to-detail kind of guy? What if Carl can't follow instructions? What if the person flying the frigging space ship tells Carl not to touch certain buttons, and Carl does not listen? We are talking intergalactic incident here.

I'm all for technology pushing the human race to new and interesting heights, but based on the footage I have seen, most are not ready for the DMV let alone space.

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