If you've ever purchased Ricotta, Mozzarella, Burrata, Bufala, or Mascarpone cheese from Stop & Shop, Big Y, Shop Rite, or Whole Foods here in Connecticut, chances are you bought cheese made by East Haven's Calabro Cheese Company.

According to calabrocheese.com, the Company was founded in 1953 by Joseph and Salvatore Calabro, who got their start by delivering their cheese to small Italian grocers across Connecticut. After decades of hard work, Calabro Cheese is considered as one of the best fresh cheese producers in the US, and their products are available in most of the Eastern, Western, and Southern United States.

Frank Angeloni, Chairman and CEO of Calabro Cheese, has just announced on Calabro Cheese's Retail Shop's social media page that Granarolo S.p.A., an Italian foods giant based out of Bologna, Italy, and one of the leading exporters of Italian dairy products worldwide, has purchased the Calabro Cheese Corporation.

According to the statement, Gianpiero Calzolari, Chairman of Granarolo S.p.A said -

"We have found a fantastic company, with operations focused on quality, high standard levels, and excellent management skills. We will aim to strengthen our productions, by adding the hard cheeses to a well-established distribution platform and to boost the knowledge of our superior products on the US market."


According to Calabro Cheese Corp CEO Frank Angeloni -

"Rita Calabro and I are pleased to announce that after 68 years of our family producing and selling a quality line of fresh cheeses to place Calabro Cheese in the arms of Granarolo, a well respected Italian company with a long and storied tradition in the dairy industry, both in and outside of Europe. We are convinced that with our two teams working together, we can increase the business in the US.  Granarolo has a wide portfolio of high quality PDO products, manufactured in Italy, which compliments Calabro's fresh cheeses produced in the US. Granarolo has repeatedly demonstrated an innovative strength which is critical and vital in today's US market. We want to express our gratitude and appreciation to our loyal customers, who contributed to our success for almost 7 decades, and are confident this acquisition will continue to benefit them in coming years."

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