If you need to cool off in this July heat, here are some pics that I took just over 10 years ago, in February 2013, when Connecticut was hit with one of the worst snowstorms that I can remember - Winter Storm Nemo, otherwise known as the Blizzard of 2013.

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We're just getting started on a four day heat wave in Connecticut, the Summer of 23 has melted most of the American Southwest with 100+ degree weeks, but we've always seemed to withstand the most extreme conditions that Mother Nature can send our way. I find that looking at photos of this blizzard puts things in perspective. We do suffer from heatwaves and blizzards, not as often as most of the heartland, but every once in awhile we're in the bullseye.

During the Heat Wave, Let's Remember the Great Blizzard of 2013 in Connecticut

Everyone is moaning about the heatwave that we're in here in Connecticut, it could be worse, it was 10 years ago. Connecticut was hit with an incredible blizzard that dumped 40 inches of snow on Hamden, 38 in Milford, and I had well over 2 1/2 feet in Waterbury. Need to cool off? Let me take you back

5 Fascinating Filthy Rich Financial Stats From CT

There are people who aren't from here that make a lot of assumptions and broad generalizations about the Nutmeg State. When they say we are all just a bunch of rich, country club types I take the time to correct them and give them some of the insider perspective. 

However, the numbers are the numbers and by the book we are a lot of the things they call us. I'm not a wealthy person, I never attended a private school, I did not go to an elite east coast University and I've never been a member of a country club. However, examining the financial stats from Connecticut makes me feel like I must have made a few missteps along the way. There is an ungodly amount of money in this state. Here are 5 Fascinating Filthy Rich Financial Stats from CT. 

New Milford Photographer Captures Awe Inspiring Photos in All Seasons

Recently, I was cruising through my Facebook feed in the New Milford group when I came across a picture so beautiful I felt compelled to contact the photographer and ask some questions. His name is Tom Allen and he was happy to share more information and photos with me. 

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