Hey, Dunkin,' say it isn't so!

It's happening Dunkin' Donut lovers. Straight out of the Hartford Courant, there's a change a-coming in the very near future when you will be handed a cup of your favorite coffee in a double-walled paper cup.

You guessed it, Dunkin' has chosen to go the eco-friendly route with the introduction of the paper cups, but that's not the only reason. Dunkin' is also taking the step to eliminate double-cupping which is encasing an iced beverage with a foam cup to provide extra insulation.

Most Dunkin' coffee drinkers have a strong allegiance to their brand. Will switching from foam cups to paper cups alienate the Dunkin' loyalists? Will there be riots in the streets of Connecticut when the switch-over takes place? Safe to say, probably not.

But just so you're not caught off-guard Dunkin' lovers, the foam cup to paper cup transition will take place in New England by December 1. If this change is too overwhelming to handle, you could always purchase foam coffee cups and keep them in your car and then gradually ween yourself off the styrofoam cups.

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