The City of Waterbury Police Department has announced to the public once again that they are setting up a DUI and safety checkpoint and it's going to be happening this evening.

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In conjunction with the State of Connecticut and the Department of Transportation & Highway Safety Administration, the Waterbury Police Department - Traffic Services will be setting up a DUI and safety checkpoint tonight, Friday March 19 between 7 PM and midnight in the area of 524 Hamilton Avenue.


This is a very good location to set up a safety checkpoint. This portion of Hamilton Avenue runs parallel to I-84 -- it's right by the Brass Mill Center Mall, Holy Land and the portion of Calvary Cemetery that's bisected by Hamilton Park.

Travelers coming down from East Mountain along Rt. 69 might want to try to find an alternate route this evening. If you make it past the Outside Inn/Tony's Auto/Dunkin/I-84 area towards downtown, look out for the flashing lights to slow you down.

Just last week, Waterbury also had a DUI and safety checkpoint in a different area of town, in the area of the intersection of Baldwin Street/South Main Street and Pearl Lake Road. Three weeks ago, a similar checkpoint was set up in the city's East end on East Main Street in the area of Costco, Cheshire Coffee and my beloved Tiramisu Restaurant. According to the Waterbury Police Department, the East Main Street checkpoint resulted in 1 DUI arrest out of the 1,300 vehicles that passed through.

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