According to the Daily Mail, a female passenger on a flight from Turkey to Russia aired out her panties using the overhead air vent in full view of the other passengers. The other passengers say she did this for 20 minutes. Not only are there witness' claims, but video to back it up:

I want to examine WHY they needed to be dried, but I don't think my parent company will dig it, so let's just act like this is a normal problem to have and work from there. Assuming we have pantaloons that need a good drying while we are on a plane, I think that's a personal problem.

You might just want to keep it to yourself and suffer the discomfort. It's a classic "take one for the team" situation. When you dry your underwear in front of a whole plane filled with people, you make a "you problem" an "us problem." That is what is wrong with humans right there in general. We are so wrapped up in what we need and want, we are more than willing to make it everyone else's problem.

Lady, put your "KNICKERS" away, you are scaring the kids. We are not farm animals here. Can we pretend to act like humans when we are forced to be together?

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