Is there the possibility that grocery stores could soon be selling wine in Connecticut?

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Let's not all get excited just yet. According to the Hartford Courant, Governor Lamont told a winery owner that he would be opened to the possibility of changing the law to allow grocery stores to sell wine.

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Thirty states already allow the sale of wine in grocery stores, including New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont. Even though the Governor is just mulling it over, I consider myself a wine lover, so I have questions.

  1. Would grocery stores have an extensive wine selection or just the more popular brands?
  2. Would grocery stores employ a wine 'expert' to answer a wine buyer's specific questions regarding vintage, types, and best bang for your buck?
  3. Would grocery store wine prices be higher or less expensive?

Governor Lamont's spokesman made it clear that although the Governor is open to the discussion, he wants to "take a closer policy look at it." The problem, according to vineyard owner and the Connecticut Vineyard Winery Association president, Jonathan Edwards, is that vineyards have been shut out of one of the largest marketplaces in the state, unlike craft breweries.

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The cons of selling wine at the grocery store would be the lack of expertise that most wine shops and liquor stores provide. It's not like deciding what kind of mustard you're going to buy.

Do you really think that the wine lover who is more discerning about what kinds of wine they enjoy is going shopping for their favorite wine at a grocery store? I think not. The customer who is looking for an $8 bottle of red, white, or rose and doesn't care about the fine print will be shopping at the grocery store because it's less hassle and more convenient.

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