Before you read the rest of this blog, make no mistake, I am a true dog lover.

I know what you're saying — Pets look so adorable when we dress them up! Sure they do, but take a good look at their cute little face. Do you really think that this pug, Misty May loves being dressed up like Marilyn Monroe?

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Nice cleavage, Misty! Why would you do this to your dog? Look at it from this dog's point of view. Every time Misty's getting ready to sniff a doggy friend's butt, she will become the object of ridicule and embarrassment among her peers. Here is what the experts say at

If you are under the impression your dog loves to be dressed up and treated like a blonde bombshell, then you don't know your dog.

Seriously, the humanization of dogs can inhibit the dog's ability to communicate with other dogs. According to, when you put a goofy outfit on your dog, you might be restricting the dog's movements. Just look at this little fella, he's absolutely terrified and ashamed of how he looks to other dogs:

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According to, if your dog is wiggling and scratching while trying desperately to get out of a dress or football jersey, do your friend a favor and remove it immediately. Instead, you might want to spend the money on a functional piece of clothing like a winter jacket made especially for dogs. For the record, a firemen's costume is not considered a functional outfit for a dog.

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