The storied Danbury Palace will host a musical drag show in April.

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On Friday April 28th, Summer Orlando and Barbara Joan Streetsand will take the stage for a drag show/fundraiser called "Drag Raising." The duo has been "wowing audiences and selling out shows across New York & New England for nearly 30 years."

The tickets run between $35-55 and the money raised goes to a worthwhile charity. The beneficiary organization is called Apex Community Care which advocates for individuals living with HIV and AIDS. Apex also helps those with mental health/substance abuse disorders and has locations in Danbury & New Milford.

Danbury Palace
Danbury Palace

You can get your tickets by calling (203)778-2437 OR go to

Additional Shows coming to Danbury Palace:

Rumours - The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute -  April 2, 2023 @4 pm

The One Hit Wonders - May 6, 2023 @8 pm

The Uncle Louie Variety Show - May 13th, 2023 @8 pm

Girls Night Out - June 9th, 2023 @8 pm

The Palace Theater is located at 165 Main Street, in the heart of the Downtown area.

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