A downtown Waterbury convenience store that's been there for as long as I can remember, has shut down and boarded up over the past couple of weeks. The 7-Eleven convenience store that stood for years at the corner of West Main and Willow Street in Downtown Waterbury is permanently closed. I drove downtown just a few minutes ago to confirm it, and I snapped a couple of photos of the building while I was there too. This 7-Eleven was known more for the colorful cast of characters that seemed to loiter around the parking lot 24/7, rather than for it's beef jerky selection.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

I pulled into the parking lot to snap a couple of photos to put in this article, and I was greeted with stare downs from around 4 different dudes sitting in 4 different cars. I'm guessing that they were waiting for the guy they sold their grill to on LetGo to show up? Maybe not. But, the windows of the former 7-Eleven are covered up with the brown paper that says "Go find your cigarettes elsewhere". The parking lot is quickly attracting the Willow Street litterbugs, and also people just looking for a place to nod out.

With this closure, there are only two 7-Elevens in the city now, one on Cooke Street, and the one on Baldwin Street. I did notice that a new, locally-owned convenience store has set up shop, I didn't catch the name, but it's basically right down West Main near the Big Apple Motel and Zeus Tattoo shop.


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