Hey man, you have any boxes of that sweet Ronzoni Pastina? Cuz I got three boxes of the hottest cookie on the planet, want to trade?

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A package appeared at my place in Torrington on Tuesday, the words 'Girl Scouts of America' were on the box, and I knew it was cookie day. My wife loves Girl Scout Cookies, and when Spring is right around the corner, I know it's time for multiple boxes of Samoas, Tagalongs, and Do-Si-dos to show up.

This year's order was different. There WAS a special new flavor of Girl Scout Cookie - Raspberry Rally - that was only available online. I've read that it sold out almost immediately, but I heard my wife say 'Oooooh!' a few weeks ago. She ordered 3 boxes. I have them, they live in Torrington.

Well, two of them do, I confiscated a box for the show.


If you're a raspberry fanatic, you're going to love them. What struck me at first was these aren't the Girl Scout Cookies of old, they're thin as hell. A box of Raspberry Rally has two sleeves of cookies, it only weighs 9oz. If you've got a streaming binge planned for the weekend, a box will be gone before you reach episode 3. The chocolate hits your tongue first, and it's not as sweet as I expected. That sets you up for a sharp blast of raspberry with your first bite.

Honestly, I was disappointed. The raspberry is pretty overpowering, kind of sour, and more savory than sweet. It overpowers the chocolate. I've read numerous reports of Raspberry Rally's selling for $25-100 a box this week, if you'd like to form your own opinion, I'm listening, make an offer.

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