A good boy in Bethel is being called a hero after alerting his owner that a fire had broken out at a home next door.

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According to the Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Department, firefighters were initially alerted to a reported deck fire on Putnam Park Road in Bethel at around 4:30 AM on Sunday (September 27).

When Stony Hill VFD's unit S3 arrived on the scene along side members of the Bethel Police Department, they reportedly found the fire to be burning on the rear porch of the home, while the family was sleeping and completely unaware of what was going on at their Putnam Park Rd. residence.

From there, officers from the Bethel PD who were on the scene evacuated the occupants of the home while Fire Unit S3 and Officer DeOliveira worked to extinguish the fire.

The crew was able to quickly contain the blaze, getting everything under control so that the fire only damaged the deck and did not extend into the home.

The Stony Hill VFD said that once their E6 unit arrived, the fire was declared fully extinguished, and was placed under investigation by the Bethel Emergency Management and Fire Marshal's Office.

A representative of the Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Department praised the heroic pup by saying,
"This situation could have been drastically worse if it weren’t for a neighboring dog who barked to awake his owner and essentially alerted him to the fire next door. There were no injuries and the family returned to their residence once units cleared the scene."

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