It's sad to admit that some of the catchiest music that I've heard lately is from the damn prescription drug commercials on TV. You can't go more than 15 minutes before a catchy Fleetwood Mac riff comes on, telling us to "Go our own way", and fight against COPD, or sign up for the latest Xfinity product.

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I've noticed that the Foo Fighters have caved and allowed a couple of their tunes to be licensed. But the commercial jingle earworm that gets and stays in my head more than any? It's the damn Skyrizi commercial. Oh you brilliant marketing people. I find myself singing along with "Things are getting clearer..." EVERY TIME. Don't know what I'm talking about? Yeah you do -

And here's how bad my prescription-drug-commercial-watching-obsession has become, I was all excited when Skyrizi recently updated their commercial, with a new, extended remix and reimagining of my favorite jingle -

Oh, but they're not the only ones. Have you found your head bobbing away to the Dupixent commercials? It's big and brassy, kind of like Fleetwood Mac's Tusk, with a marching band drumline sound. I find it catchy as hell and I can't change the channel, even though I luckily don't have eczema

I got another brutal one for you and this one is truly torture for classic rock fans: Ozempic. You know, the one with Pilot's "(Whoa oh oh) It's Magic? This one makes me cringe -

And yes, I mentioned Fleetwood Mac earlier, it came out over the past few months that Lindsey Buckingham sold his publishing rights to his portion of the Fleetwood Mac catalog for a huge sum of money. That's why we're hearing "Go your own way" and "The Chain" in commercials now -

Which ones did I miss? What are some of the commercial jingles that you can't get out of your head?

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