It was just suppose to be something to keep the kids occupied during the pandemic, but it turned into a personal encounter with an A-list Hollywood celebrity.

For David and Beth Presser of Southington, putting together videos with their two children, 4-year-old Maddie and 2-year-old Barton, started out as a way to give the kids something to do during the lockdown and to stay in touch with family and friends.

Their idea was to recreate iconic movie scenes and put the videos online so members of their family and friends that haven't seen them since the start of the pandemic could watch and have a laugh.

The videos ended up becoming so popular within their inner circle that they decided to put them on YouTube, and surprisingly, they started going viral. The family then got an idea to try and give back and raise money for Feeding America, but no one in the Presser family expected what would happened next.

According to, when the videos went viral, they were featured on some media sources and were spotted by a few Hollywood celebrities including Wonder Woman actress Lucy Davis and author Tony Robbins who donated $13,000 to the cause and helped spread the word through the Hollywood community. That brought in even more donations. It also caught the attention of actor Will Smith who enjoyed the concept so much that he invited the family to be guests on his Snapchat series "Will From Home".

During their appearance on the show, Smith and the Presser's four-year-old daughter Maddie hit it off and Will and the little girl started making plans to do their own video, but of course it had to be a scene from a Will Smith movie.

Smith, using a green screen, first sent the family the "Welcome to Earth" scene from Independence Day, in which Maddie plays the role made famous by Smith in the 1996 blockbuster. In this version, the actor takes on the role of the alien that gets punched in the face by Maddie.

Smith also donated $15,000 for "Feeding America" and sent a few more clips from his movies "Men in Black", and "Aladdin".

So what's next for the Presser family? It looks like we'll see some classic scenes from Good Will Hunting, White Men Can't Jump, and E.T. So the one question you have to ask now is, will we see a Steven Spielberg directed video coming soon?

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