Tomorrow morning the great Dr. Yu will join us in studio and we want to have a wide array of questions ready for him to answer so this is your chance to ask them. Now, Dr. Yu wants to make clear that he's a urologist, he was very clear about this. In fact, what he said was tell people, "I'm just a urologist." There is no "just" a urologist in my opinion, this is a very important field.

Plus, what are we really talking about here? Most of the questions are likely to be about the coronavirus and I can give the advise on that one, wash your hands and limit contact, BOOM. He went to medical school so I'd imagine his advise has the chance to be better than mine.

I also do not want to limit the conversation to the coronavirus. I think we have an opportunity here to ask any and all medical questions. We are interrupting this very busy mans day, we might as well dig in here and leave no kidney stone un-turned. Let's really get after it, ask the burning questions you might have about your own health, the medical community, hell, send pictures through the I-95 app chat and say, "hey doc, what the hell is this?"

I have some questions of my own and they are:

  • At what age to people start to shrink?
  • How can a grown man get twelve ear infections a year?
  • What about medical school? I mean, is the sexual education at medical school awesome? Do they delve deeper than what we learned in high school, from a gym teacher, wearing a whistle, holding a banana and a condom?
  • Does knowing more about the human body and all of it's unforeseen dangers make you anxious? I would think, the more you know about how the body works and where things could go wrong would make me an anxious train-wreck.
  • What's the point of bringing us into the room just to wait again? Why not call us into the room when the doctor is ready?
  • Are there really women who are like doctor groupie's?
  • How hard is medical school really? We hear about it and we all think we have some idea but can anyone do it if they apply themselves?
  • What's the grossest thing you have ever seen?
  • I'd imagine some patients tell you so much more about their personal lives than they should/need to, what's the most unnecessary piece of personal information someone has told you?
  • Is one breast ALWAYS larger than the other like we have been led to believe or is it possible to have two perfectly matching breasts?
  • While we are on the subject, how common are massive areola?
  • Can nipples morph over the years, changing size or shape? I have a lot of nipple questions.

I think this is a decent start but I want your input, please share your questions.

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