The Ethan and Lou Second Chance Prom is back, baby!

Last year's prom was a big hit, people asked us to bring it back, and we have done that. Let me tell you what, it gets wet and it gets wild, and you, too, can be there. Watch me and Ethan tell you just how classy this thing will be:

The 2nd Chance Prom is June 23 at the Amber Room Colonnade. Still not sure what a Colonnade is, but rest assured, I will get to the bottom of it.

We have brought in Future Tense to do the music again this year since they did such a kick-ass job last year. We have a full buffet dinner and a beer/wine bar. The buffet includes pasta, chicken, beef and vegetables. Did I mention the ice cream bar? Yep, there is one.


Tickets are just 35 bucks. That gets you dinner, music, two drink tickets and a night to remember. By the way you are not limited to two drinks on the night. Drink all you want weirdos you will just have to pay after the first two.

Were You at the Prom Last Year? Check the photos:

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