The NFL Combine began yesterday (2/23/20) and will run through Monday (3/2/20). For those who don't know the combine is where players strength, conditioning and size are all calculated for consideration. The players run the 40 yard dash, bench press and every part of their bodies are measured. Football fans know that these metrics mean very little in terms of what kind of a football player a man will turn out to be.

While the combine results can be overrated the event does yield some interesting numbers. Did you know these teams measure the players hands? It's true and depending upon who you ask this can be an important measurement for quarterbacks. You might be wondering how your hand stacks up to your favorite player. What you need to do is get a tape measure, spread your fingers as wide as possible and measure from your thumb to your pinky finger, like this:

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

Mine measure at just over 9." In the NFL I'd be on the very low end, in mock-able territory but in regular, normal life mine are pretty dope. My hands are bigger than some NFL players/hopefuls/former players, like:

  • Michael Vick - 8.5"
  • Jared Goff - 9"
  • Joe Burrow - 9"

What NFL players have monster mitts?

  • Drew Brees - 10.25"
  • Steve McNair - 10.50"
  • Brett Favre - 10.38"

It's the age old question, "Does size matter?" You can look at the list of QB's with big hands who had big careers and make a case that way but on the flip side, there are players who've had big careers that had small hands, were short or threw the ball in an unorthodox manner.

My hands may slide in under the radar to qualify as NFL hands but I fall short in a lot of other areas; speed, height, weight, age and my lack of interest for doing things outside on a Sunday. Those statistic results could really effect my draft status. I don't know too many NFL teams in search of a QB whose had four knee surgeries, a foot surgery coming soon and who runs the 40 in 70.

What all of this really means is this country is obsessed with football because there is no good reason to gather together in the cold of winter and measure one another. Now go get your tape measure, measure yourself and a friend and see how you stack up against the NFL.

P.S. - I got some odd stares walking around the halls with a tape measure and no frame of reference. 

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