I've been a big fan of the Discovery Channel since its beginnings. I've spent months of my life watching their original programming. I love Deadliest Catch, Gold Rush, and especially, Dirty Jobs. I loved watching that show with my dad, we'd sit back and laugh as the magnetic host Mike Rowe got himself into some of the most disgusting places that you could imagine.

Dirty Jobs ran for 8 seasons, from the mid-2000's up until 2012, and it's been in constant repeats since. Discovery typically runs a full day of episodes on Saturdays lately. Shortly after the original Discovery run, Rowe went to narrate basically everything important on the Discovery Network, and branched out into another show called Somebody's Gotta Do It. I've missed the original Dirty Job concept though, and I still can watch for hours.

They did film a segment right here in Connecticut during their fourth season, Mike and the crew filmed a local crew that cleaned out the milfoil around Lake Waramaug in Kent.

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Which makes today's news even sweeter for a fan like me, according to thewrap.com, Rowe, and most of the original production crew for the original series, are coming back for a 4 part reunion of sorts to revisit some of the memorable moments and people from original series. The new show will be called Dirty Jobs: Rowe'd Trip, and it premieres in just a couple of weeks, Tuesday July 7, 2020 at 9PM on the Discovery Channel.


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