Recently, we told you about a horrific and potentially fatal car fire in Brookfield that took place over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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That incident would have ended very bad for the vehicle's operator, if not for the bravery of a firefighter named Nicholas Perri. Perri pulled the woman out of the fiery wreck just in time. The victim in that incident will live but they got beat up pretty bad.

A few days later, I interviewed Nicholas Perri and we had a discussion about the nerve wracking events of that day in November. The same day I interviewed Nick, another car fire video found it's way into my inbox.

The video featured a car on Route 8 in Shelton, CT that was engulfed in flames. The car not only burned, but at one point, you can see an explosion take place. This fire/explosion took place in Shelton on Thanksgiving (11/24/22) and was captured by a website called This website features high quality photos, video and drone footage of fires in CT.


You can actually see the explosion take place at the 1:40 Mark.

loading... stated the following in their description:

"SHELTON, CT - Just before 12:00 noon on November 24, 2022, the Shelton Fire Department was dispatched to a reported vehicle fire on Route 8 SB approaching Exit 11. First companies on scene found a fully involved vehicle in the right hand lane. Firefighting foam was used due to the difficulty in suppression from a ruptured gas tank. Route 8 SB from Exit 12 to 11 was shut down to Thanksgiving Day traffic for an extended period due to the incident." 

There were no serious injuries associated with the car fire. 

The story was picked up by Newsbreak but many of the local media outlets failed to report on it. I realize that this happened awhile ago now, but these videos need to be seen to remind us of the dangers of fire and the bravery of our Fire Departments.

The real story here is that exists. If you go to the website, it won't take you long to see the person behind this, is dedicated to it. His name is Keith Muratori and he's a Firefighter in Bridgeport, CT (Rescue-5). I reached out to Keith and asked him why he works so hard documenting fires from the ground and the sky. This is what Keith had to say:

"Full time career fireman (22 years Bridgeport Fire Dept.) that owns and operates FIREGROUNDIMAGES.COM. While off-duty, I have been shooting and reporting on 1st Responder incidents and spot news for over 22 years. Many of my images have been published nationally, as well as having my video footage seen across all platforms. I am also an FAA Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot and have used UAVs to cover news. I am currently assigned to Rescue-5." 

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