It's creepy coming to work at 5AM, but it was even creepier this morning when I found myself surrounded by dozens of bugs when I opened the door at work. We're being invaded again Connecticut, it's a different bug's time to shine.

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Now is the time of year that bugs try to escape the sub-freezing temps by sneaking inside our warm buildings. I walked into a swarm of Boxelder bugs inside the Arctic entry at the radio station this morning. There were no bugs in there yesterday, but overnight I'd estimate that at least 30 found a way in.

Photo by Large "Brundlefly" Dave
Photo by Large "Brundlefly" Dave


The Boxelder bug is native to North America, and grow to be around a half-inch long. Adults are usually dark brown or black, with red splashes on their wings and abdomen. According to the knower of all things - Wikipedia, Boxelder bugs mostly eat the developing seeds of Boxelder, Maple, and Ash trees, but have been occasionally known to chow on other plants, but are not considered an agricultural pest.

Boxelder bugs do have a mouth strong enough to puncture skin, but bites are very rare, and produce an injury similar to a mosquito bite. The bad thing about Boxelder bugs though is their poop, it can stain light-colored surfaces, walls and curtains. They also smell bad when they're smashed, so think twice before mashing them into your curtains.

The easiest way to remove Boxelder bugs? Seal up your house, bugs are looking for a warm place to winter. If they do manage to get in, vacuum or sweep them up.

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