It appears that Connecticut lawmakers haven't been able to rally enough support for the full legalization of marijuana in the state.

What does it all mean? According to an article at CT Insider, legalized marijuana in Connecticut appears to be shelved for now. Supporters of legalized weed have been shocked by the recent non-support from Connecticut's General Assembly.

Black-market cannabis has been flooding the market in Massachusetts, where marijuana is legal. Reports say that the black-market pot is just as strong as the medical grade and in some cases, 50% less expensive than legal weed.

Joseph Raymond of the New England Craft Cannabis Alliance is calling the failure to legalize marijuana in Connecticut, "Political bureaucracy garbage" and blames older Democratic leaders who don't want to threaten lawmakers in swing districts.

Without total legalization, growers aren't able to form a legitimate business model or even open a bank account. The last days of the legislative session are counting down and ends on June 5 and it's looking like lawmakers aren't going to get it done in time. 

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