A few weeks back, we learned that Dennis Quaid was coming to the Ridgefield Playhouse with his band "The Sharks" in July. We did what we normally do in this case, and sent an interview request to the Playhouse. We did not hear back after that and thought, "Oh well."

Then we got a call from Dennis Quaid. When this happens and you are not ready for it, it's kind of surreal. We ended up sounding a little like Chris Farley hosting the Chris Farley Show. Here's how that went:

Dennis Quaid and The Sharks come to the Ridgefield Playhouse Saturday, July 14 at 8 pm. Go check them out, and as Dennis put it, "Come for the movie star, stay for the Rock and Roll."

P.S. - It's very likely that we DID hear back from the Ridgefield Playhouse about our interview with Dennis Quaid, but Ethan lost it in the shuffle somewhere between recording parody songs and watching "The Crown" on Netflix. 

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