Comedian Michelle Wolf was hired to do comedy at the White House Correspondent's Dinner by the White House Correspondent's Association. Michelle Wolf went up there, made fun of the President and the media. Michelle Wolf said a lot of funny things. Michelle Wolf did the job she was hired to do.

In the days after, the White House Correspondent's Association blasted her performance publicly. I did an article about this the other day, and said the WHCA needs to "get bent." If you don't want a comedian doing what it is they do, you should not hire them. This,of course turned into a political debate, which it should not have. My point on this was simple. Comedians push the envelope, say funny things and OFTEN say things that can be considered offensive. If you don't think you want that at your event, don't have it.

Let's let Robert Deniro simplify things in a way only Robert Deniro can. Deniro was honoring Hellen Mirren on Monday at the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s 45th Chaplin Award Gala. According to the NY Post he said:

There was a lot of truth in Michelle Wolf’s jokes. And the bullies and liars are still intimidated by strength and the truth. Where we run into trouble is when we allow the bullies and liars to dictate the conversation. The [Association] distanced themselves from Michelle Wolf’s performance. Shame on them — stand up, strap on your balls and deal.

I like it. I don't know how and why this became "a thing." First off, she hit both sides of the aisle. Second, even if you feel "your side" took the brunt of it, why is the reaction so hateful? It seems now that we come to the defense of "our" politicians with the same energy we would bring while defending our families. That's insane.

No matter what you believe, no matter what side you are on, we are still talking about politicians. Politicians have always put themselves before the greater good. This is the one thing all of us used to have in common, we used to be able to pick on politicians together. Don't you miss that?

Feel free to disregard EVERYTHING I just said and ask yourself this question: Who is responsible for what takes place at the White House Correspondent's Dinner? The White House Correspondent's Association, right? They should not get to step back from this and let everyone else take the hit.



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