Put this at the top of the list of the weirdest interviews ever. We started to interview our old pal, wrestler Brian Anthony, and BOOM! David Arquette walks in the room. Friggin' "Dewey" from friggin' Scream right in the studio. Check this out.

Turns out "King" Brian Anthony and "Lord" Anthony Battle are facing David Arquette and “Hurricane” Shane Helms in a tag team match at the Hudson Valley Community Center tonight. Showtime is 8pm with a meet & greet at 7pm (includes Arquette). Tickets range from 20-40 dollars and you can get them at northeastwrestling.com

David also has a movie called "Apalachin" set for release in 2019. In the movie, David plays N.Y. State Trooper Ed Croswell, the officer who helped take down the most famous meeting in the history of the Italian mafia. The story is about the ill fated and unprecedented 1957 meeting of more than 100 members of the Italian mafia. The meeting took place in Apalachin at the country home of Joseph "Joe the Barber" Barbara and was called by Vito Genovese.

Thanks to David Arquette for joining us in studio and a special thanks to our longtime friend Brian Anthony. David was a really nice dude, super accommodating to the whole crew here at the radio station. He graciously agreed to take pictures with everyone who asked and was polite to everyone.

Before he left I told David how much I miss "Dewey" from Scream and he said "me too."

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