Dave Grohl is known for his good-guy mentality and quirky antics, and this story is no exception. Following the Foo Fighters' September show in Los Angeles as the Holy Shits, they went to the iconic Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip and bought $333.30 worth of beer. Grohl, being admittedly too drunk to calculate the actual appropriate tip, just doubled the total cost so the bill was $666. A fan tweeted a picture of the transaction's receipt, which you can see below.

Grohl commented on the moment during an interview with 955KLOS.

When you get a bill that says $333, it's like, I'm gonna go the extra mile. The sad thing was - I think it was $303.30, but I was too hammered to figure out the $302.70... I couldn't do the real math. Which would have been strong but I was seeing double at that point.

In case you missed it, Grohl recently commented on his pre-show drinking routine. Spoiler alert: There is no way it's healthy.

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