Alexa was only 14-yeard-old when she took her own life three days before she was to begin her freshman year at Brookfield High.

From a recent article in the News Times comes the story of a family in Brookfield who lost their daughter to suicide in 2008. 14-year-old Alexa Berman actually posted on her Facebook page what she planned to do. In the aftermath, Alexa's mother, Debbie Berman said:

Nobody said anything. Nobody did the right thing.

Think about that. Not one person came forward. Alexa's mom and dad, Debbie and Alan Berman, have made it their objective to educate people about some of the warning signs of a potential suicide victim. Through the organization, Brookfield Cares, the Bermans have helped put together a showing of the award-winning film, No Letting Go, about a family with a son who has a mental health disorder. Admission to this adult-only film is free and will be shown at 6:30 pm this Tuesday, Nov. 14 in the Brookfield High School auditorium.


This article hit me right between the eyes because of my son, Ethan James' attempted suicide attempt 14 years ago. He is currently a suicide prevention advocate and has been asked to speak at various high schools in Fairfield County through the organization Everyone Knows Someone. Ethan invites anyone who feels the need to talk to contact him via e-mail at ethan.james684@gmail.com or feel free to reach him via his Facebook Page.

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