The "Old Oak" Bar & Grill is at 84 Liberty Street in Danbury, CT. It sits on the corner of a four way intersection that is deliciously cinematic. It's got just the right amount of age, grit and symmetry to serve as the main location for a mafia film.

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I'd start the movie on a wide shot of the bar with a fat man in a stained white undershirt in the doorway, chewing a toothpick and glaring out in the street. Cue the Motown song, blast the screen with bold print that reads, "The Bronx - 1977," and away we go.

If a mob movie has not been shot here, it's long overdue. I pass this bar at least once a week, either driving my kids to practice or to CCD, and I can't take my eyes of this place when I pass. I really should keep my eyes on the road but I'm transfixed by the untapped potential here.

I am not kidding when I tell you, I've considered writing something just for this location. This would end up being a three minute video we post to the radio station website and probably end up being a goof, but I have to do something here, it's eating away at me. Can't you just see a Cadillac DeVille  screeching its tires up onto the curb here?

Why am I writing this? The truth is weird and simple; I want an actual location scout to read it and recognize my eye for what it is -- brilliant.

Then, maybe they decide they have the perfect project to put this location in, and as a thanks to me, they give me a role. That role catapults me to the fame and fortune I so deserve and before you know it, I'm drinking "7 & 7's" with Bobby DeNiro. I can call him Bobby now that I've made it.

P.S. In case you were wondering I did stop to take these photos just to write this:

Lou's phone
Lou's phone
Lou's phone