Formerly known as the Matrix, now named The Summit at Danbury, is being called a "city within a city."

The 1.2 million-square-foot building rests on 5,000 pillars and consists of 15 interconnected buildings around a central core, and was originally built to house 3,000 Union Carbide employees.

Ethan Carey Photo

The building has gone through many corporate turnovers over the years until it finally ended up in foreclosure. In 2018, Summit Development came to the rescue and purchased the massive building for $18 million with big plans in mind.

According to an article in, the overall plan, according to Michael Basile, the project manager for Summit Development is to turn this gargantuan complex into "a thriving destination for employers, tenants, and the public."

Already available to the public is a fitness center and food services with future plans of developing 400 apartments. 600,000 square feet of commercial space has already been spoken for.

Ethan Carey Photo

I decided to navigate to The Summit at Danbury's website and they bill themselves as "A Unique Environment Reimagined." There are several artist's depictions of how the property will look when all the work is complete. Already in the planning stages are a restaurant, convenience store, a pool, barbershop, salon, and pop-up shops.

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