Corey Graves is a retired WWE Superstar and current color commentator for the WWE. We brought Corey on the Ethan and Lou show this morning to discuss his role with the upcoming (April 26th) Northeast Wrestling event at the Danbury PAL building.

Corey is a hard working dude with a lot of talent and experience. We spoke to him about the injuries that led to his retirement, Wrestlemania, Roman Reigns' return to the ring after his leukemia battle and his recent move to the City of Danbury.

As you'll hear in the clip below, Corey Graves wants to fight me for the title of "Hat City's Favorite Son?" I love it. I mean, I'm not going to fight him, but how many people get challenged to a fight by Corey Graves over a title that does not exist? I consider myself lucky.

Corey and I will have to get together and "kick it," as I like to say. Hit the town, make maneuvers, slip, dip and cause all sorts of trouble. We will cause neck tattoo level trouble -- the greatest trouble of them all. Check out the interview:

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