Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont has maintained since the beginning that he is FOR highway tolls in the Nutmeg State. However, he has changed his tune a few times on what exactly it will mean for CT residents. We asked Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton about this in his regular weekly segment on the Ethan and Lou show:

I know from experience that not "getting in on the ground floor" can be regrettable. The states are all going to go, one after another, chasing weed and sports gambling money. "Needle Nose" Ned has shown he will drag his feet and put his focus elsewhere. He's got his attention on your wallet and wants to dig around in there to fix the State's problems.

After "Nedward James Olmos" has taken more money from you, pissed off everyone in the state and still failed to solve the State's problems he'll say yes to weed and sports gambling. It will come too late for it to matter. I can see it in his face. His face is my crystal ball and the result is doom.

Happy Friday. I'm right, Ned's wrong. Someone get me a beer, I'm exhausted from being right all the time.

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