Danbury is a Connecticut city, located in Fairfield County.

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Its location is odd and wonderful, sitting right on the New York border, roughly 50 miles Northeast of New York City. Danbury is also a short drive to Boston, MA.

Danbury’s Historic Little Red Chapel is Deliciously Out of Place for 2022

Given Danbury’s location, and its vitality during the American Revolution, there are historic structures, places and markings wherever you go. Sometimes these places can get overlooked, part of a landscape we pass on the way to the store, or to work. The Little Red Chapel is one of those places that locals are lucky enough to see, as often as they’d like. But It’s become a place, we now take for granted. In its day, it’s size may have been the only thing that made it standout but in 2022, it’s deliciously out-of-place. 

The headline says the chapel is out of place for 2022, I want to be clear, that is a good thing. I despise the way we build things today, with the intent of tearing them down again, only to be replaced with more flashy garbage.

P.S. I want a magic key that grants me access to all of the unused historic structures in Danbury, who can I talk to about this? I just want to look, when I want to look, I won’t take anything.

The Danbury Flood of 1869 is a Local Disaster Lost to Time

Most everyone in Danbury knows about, or has heard of the catastrophic Hat City flood of 1955 where 87 people died. On the other hand, most people we've talked to don't know about the history of the flood of 1869. In "The Place You Live" segment that aired on August 31, 2021, I-95's former News Director Mike Allen shared his research on the failure of the Upper Kohanza dam in Danbury and what it meant for the people in Downtown Danbury that day. 

Look Inside Rarely Seen Corners of Brewster

There is an area in Brewster, NY where US 202, Lower Mine Road, the Croton River, the train tracks and a reservoir all converge. This is a look inside the rarely seen corners of Brewster AKA the Town of Southeast. 

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