Bethel's medical marijuana dispensary, Compassionate Care Center of Connecticut, will soon morph into Danbury's first medical cannabis dispensary when The Botanist opens in late September at 105 Mill Plain Road.

To be clear, this facility will not be a recreational marijuana dispensary. Compassionate Care was purchased by Acreage Holdings, Inc. in 2018 and decided to rebrand the dispensary, according to the website

Location of 'The Botanist' on Mill Plain Rd. - Google Instant
Location of 'The Botanist' on Mill Plain Rd. - Google Instant

This is great news for Compassionate Care customers because The Botanist dispensaries will offer a wide variety of cannabis-based products, including flower, vapes, concentrates, tablets, edibles and tinctures.

The new Danbury dispensary will also feature a Loyalty Program and private consultation rooms to meet with cannabis professionals to evaluate specific strains to customize their customer's medical needs. The Botanist is now available in 6 states with a total of 18 dispensaries in all. To find out what awaits you at the Mill Plain Road Danbury location, click on

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

As of August 3, here's the latest update regarding legal weed in Connecticut. Currently, the towns in Connecticut that have banned the selling of recreational cannabis are Greenwich, Newtown, and Prospect. However, southeastern CT towns are still on the fence, according to

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In Danbury, zoning leaders passed a one-year ban on new marijuana pot shops giving planners time to study the new adult cannabis law which is 295 pages.  

Medical Marijuana Club Seeks Site In Fisherman's Wharf
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