Baseball's future could be right under your roof.

Can you imagine knowing that a Major League baseball star once spent the summer at your house?

Even if none of these young men go on to that level, you can still get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that you helped out. Here's how.

The Danbury Westerners baseball club is gearing up for their home opener on June 9. As they prepare for their summer season, they are looking for locals who could offer room and board to any of the players.

The club is expecting National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA, major league prospects from 24 universities to arrive in Danbury in June and they need homes to stay in.

Information on the Danbury Westerners website states that the student-athletes each need a room with access to kitchen, bath and laundry, but the players have their own transportation. There are perks of opening up your home to the athletes, including a host family season pass and a free week of Danbury Westerners baseball camp. Click on Danbury Westerners for more info.

Personally I think the conversation around the dinner table and the enthusiasm of dedication to sport is priceless. Icing on the cake would be the possibility of one day rooting for a Major League player that you can call a friend.

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