If you could eat places, Danbury, Connecticut would make my mouth water.

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I'm a little biased because I live in the Hat City, but it really is a top-notch foodie destination. The city is one of the most diverse in the entire country and our cuisine reflects that. We have food from Italy, Ireland, China, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and beyond. Not only are the options limitless, but the quality of our food is ridiculous. When I have to describe the food scene to outsiders, I simply say, "we're really spoiled."

Well now we're about to showcase how good we have it with the return of the "Tastes of Danbury." The announcement came in the form of a City Center Danbury press release that reads:

"Danbury, CT (September 29, 2023) – Back by popular demand, CityCenter Danbury presents another mouthwatering event scheduled for the month of October – “Tastes of Danbury”.

This round for the month of October includes tasty new venues that foodies, friends, and families will enjoy.   Step out on the town and take a bite out of the local highlighted culinary delights. For only $25 per pass, sample four different establishments that we promise you’ll love if you don’t already. 

Yes, $25 scores you FOUR different meals, FOUR visits, FOUR restaurants. And that’s FOUR varieties of cultural cuisine. If you’re craving Italian, there’s Franco’s Pizza, which claims to be the “best pizza in town”.  At La Mitad Del Mundo, your tastebuds will insist you are in the middle of Ecuador.  Fino Sabor delivers on its promise of fine taste, with flavorful, or “saborosa” Brazilian food.  And finally, Xay’s Kitchen is a Laos/Thai party for the palate."

Get tickets and additional information on the City Center Danbury website.

Let me tell you something, these restaurants that they mentioned are no joke. La Mitad Del Mundo has one of the best chicken cutlets I've ever eaten in my life and Xay's Kitchen's spicy noodles are so good that I once ate them four nights in a row for dinner. Taste Danbury, Taste it!

100 Diverse Danbury Eateries to Keep Your Taste Buds Busy

It's a lot to take in, Danbury has well over one hundred places to eat, these just happen to be the 100 Hat City spots that I can remember from the top of my head.

NOTE: There is a link in the description box to each businesses' menu or website.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano


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