According to Zippia, Danbury is the third smartest city in the State of Connecticut. The top spot in the Nutmeg State went to Shelton, CT. They based the rankings on the following factors: percentage of adults (over 25) with at least a college degree and the percentage of high school dropouts (aged 15-17) for the 20 largest cities in Connecticut with data.

Danbury showed a population of 80,000 plus, over 30 percent of it's population having a Bachelor's degree or better and a high school dropout rate of 1 percent. Not bad, Hat City, way to be smart. You can view the complete list here.

Based on my research (Facebook comments), I've learned Danbury is also the most argumentative city in the state. No group of residents I've ever been a part of loves to disagree more than Danbury people.

Sometimes, Danbury folks will disagree with themselves in the very same comment. I've seen posts about the Hat City that go something like this:

I've been here____years, my whole life and love this city so much but it sucks because "so and so" let ____ go to s---!

Yeah, that's right, I love it, it sucks and someone is to blame for a place not being good. It seems like a tough thing to defend, but you just give a Danbury resident a chance to defend a statement like that one and they will.

You might have to give them all day, but they will take all day and use the tool best known for impacting change, Facebook. Hoorah, we are the smartest but we might have some work to do.

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