I am a Danbury resident and I love my city. It is not without its problems, though.

We all know about the traffic issues due to the state construction projects. We also know that the roads in Beirut are better. Some potholes, however, stand out among the crowd. The two at the corner of Padanaram and Hayestown would fit under that category.

Lou's phone

Just so we are clear, you are going to hit them, if you have not already. The next time you make a right off of Hayestown onto Padanaram, you will 1 billion % hit them. The next time you drive down North St, cross over Hayestown, and continue onto Padanaram, you are highly likely to hit them.

Lou's phone

I've been bothered by these front-end wreckers for weeks, but this morning, I noticed something new that added insult to inevitable auto injury. They circled the potholes with spray paint. They gave them lipstick for all intents and purposes.

That's like saying, "yeah, we know they are here, and here is what we are going to do about it. We will give them a summer makeover. We will accentuate them, we will give them a pothole exclamation point." They, of course, will say that they did it to help us all be more aware of them, which would be fine if there was an actual way to avoid them without driving into oncoming traffic.

Here's an idea; instead of highlighting your man made holes to hell, you grab four bags of asphalt for about 60 bucks, take ten minutes, and FILL them. I'll tell you what this is, it's Malfeasance for Malfeasance's sake.