The Danbury Police released a warning on Thursday regarding a new strain of email scams that have been going around.  This one doesn’t involve the IRS, student loan debt, or a foreign prince looking for a business partner.  This particular email scam attempts to get the recipients to move a “large sum of money” for the FBI.  The scammer wanted the recipient to contact a third party in order to arrange for the delivery of the cash.  This would be the first red flag for me, (besides the fact that the FBI was emailing me) if the Feds want to do business with me it better be face to face, none of this third-party nonsense.

In their Facebook post, the Danbury Police added that, “Residents should be aware that the FBI does not send emails requesting assistance in the delivery of money.”  I’ll admit, if I received an email from the FBI and they were tasking me with moving a ton of money it would be a hard offer to turn down.  What could possibly spice up your week more than a secret mission from the FBI?  Sadly, the FBI does not entrust random citizens with high-stakes delivery jobs over email.

The FBI has an Internet Crime Complaint Center where you can file a report if you think are being scammed.  It should be noted that someone leaving a harsh comment on your Instagram post is not a crime and the FBI will not act on your report.  They also include tips on how to avoid scams as well as viruses and other internet security threats.

Be careful who you believe on the internet, scammers are always looking for new ways to trick people into giving up their sensitive information.  The saddest part is that one day the FBI might send me an email trying to recruit me for a top-secret mission and I’ll just end up ignoring it because of these scammers.

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