Danbury Police are attempting to track down the identity of a driver who hit a pedestrian and then fled the scene.

According to a Danbury Police press release, a serious hit-and-run collision occurred between a pedestrian and a motor vehicle on Lake Ave. during the morning of Jan. 4.

According to an eye-witness, the collision involved a blue 2007 Chrysler Sebring that was traveling way too fast in the area of 84 and 86 Lake Ave. The car was passing other cars on the right when it ran into a pedestrian who was walking along the grass.

According to the eye-witness, the blue Sebring was driving recklessly on Kenosia Ave. as it approached Lake Ave. where it hit the pedestrian. There's been no word from Danbury Hospital on the nature of the victim's injuries.

Anyone with information regarding this hit-and-run collision, please contact Sgt. Rory DeRocco at 203-797-2157.

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