racially charged incident that occurred at Danbury High School shortly after President Trump's inauguration

According to a press release, the DPD says that witness statements and the video evidence shown above shows an apparently drunk man waving a Donald Trump sign as he arrived at the school to pick up a student. The report states that as the man exited the passenger side of the vehicle, still waving the Trump sign, he exchanged some heated words with several teens that were thought to be students. As you can see in the video, the man made reference to "F-----g Illegals" being kicked out of the country. From there, a physical altercation ensued, but thankfully, no one was injured. The man declined to press charges against anyone involved in the fight.

Apparently, Danbury police applied for a warrant for the man's arrest after reviewing the video footage and seeing the man's supposed intoxication, but were unsuccessful, as the warrant was denied by the court. The investigation is now closed.

The police department would like the public to know that they will continue to work alongside school officials to ensure the safety and security of all of Danbury's students.

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