The Danbury Police Department and the FBI have made big strides in an investigation that looks to destroy a heinous human trafficking ring that is believed to operate out of Danbury.

Police say that they think the ring exploits young males with mental health issues by delivering them to wealthy clients throughout Connecticut with the intent of soliciting sex for money.

According to a press release from the desk of Lt. Chris Carroccio of the DPD, Danbury Detectives worked along side special agents from the FBI's New Haven office to bring in Robert King of Danbury (pictured center in the above photo) on charges of promoting prostitution and witness tampering.

From there, the investigation team was able to obtain warrants and arrested 63-year-old, Bruce Bemer of Glastonbury, and 71-year-old, William Trefzger of Westport. Both men have been arraigned at Danbury Superior Court and are currently being held.

The investigation into the human trafficking ring began in January of 2016, but authorities say that it could have been operating for decades. The investigation will continues and the multiple law enforcement agencies involved expect more arrests connected to this case.


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