On Monday (4/10/23), there was a small plane crash on Southern Boulevard in Danbury.

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According to News 12, the pilot and passenger walked away with minor injuries and were taken to an area hospital. In the days since, officials have continued their investigation and the media has departed the Hat City.

We wanted to see if Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito could provide some information, we have yet to hear. We spoke to the Mayor on the Thursday (4/13/23) edition of the I-95 Morning Show and learned he was one of the first officials on the scene, saying:

" I was down here at the office on the corner of West and Deer Hill as you know, City Hall. And, I got a call and heard about the plane crash which was up on Southern Boulevard which is a quarter mile, maybe a bit more up the street. So, I jumped in the car and ran up there. I was at the scene right after the crash actually. Unfortunately the plane came across, it hit the wires a little bit, not knocking out power but then it hit the corner of a house there which made it spin directly down. I have to tell you, you could not have parked it there any better. It was between both houses, it smashed into a shed but it didn't hit either house fully, thank God. Then, the two occupants got out on their own. Luckily, we had a I think it was a firefighter that lived near by, ran down to help them out. Then, he realized that they were already out of the plane and there was no fire, no real explosion or anything. A few feet here or there, could have been a disaster."

On Thursday morning (04/13/23), Metro News reported that the wreckage remains as the FAA is still investigating the matter. The Mayor echoed that bit of information, saying "once they get their investigation done, they'll give us the OK to move it out of there." 

Esposito said he was amazed that the occupants were able to walk away from the crash relatively unharmed. The Mayor even spoke to one of the victims, telling I-95:

"One of the occupants was a young lady, I think she was a student and she said oh my goodness, I never thought I'd get in a plane crash before a car crash."

Esposito called the incident pretty interesting and repeatedly remarked how grateful he was that no one was hurt or killed in the wreck. As for the FAA investigation, we asked Esposito if the length of the investigation was standard. He replied:

"Absolutely, you know I questioned the same thing Lou because there was no explosions, there was no deaths , thank God or smashing into the house. I questioned why is it taking that long? It didn't seem like it should but we don't question the feds, they come in and do what they have to do and they'll create a report for us." 

You can listen to the entire plane crash segment below.

UPDATE (4/14/23): According to Metro 24/7 News, the wreck has been removed from the scene. The report states: "the single engine Cessna 152 was cut apart with a saw yesterday and was taken away for further investigation."

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The plane crash was not the only matter we discussed with Dean Esposito on Thursday (4/13/23). We also talked about the Mayor keeping his promise to beef up the personnel of the Danbury Police Department, you can listen to the entire interview below.

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