Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo publicly addressed issues related to Hat City drivers this week. He told the Ethan and Lou Show on Thursday he believes it's part of a larger problem in all of society.

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Earlier in the week, Cavo addressed illegal dirt bikes and ATV's in Danbury on the Ethan and Lou Show.

Then, on Thursday's show (5/27/21) Lou told the Mayor there is a petition going around Danbury to install more stop signs on Stadley Rough Road. They were going back and forth about the dangers drivers face, when they Mayor stated he believes this is part of a mush larger problem, saying:

"You know, let's talk about the bigger issue of, people everywhere are driving too fast. And, you know it's a real problem. People have disregard for the law and they, you know continue to you know, do different things.

You know when those streets (Stadley Rough) were designed and built it was anticipated it was 25 mile and hour speed limit, and if you were pulling out of SIL-CAM or Woodbury or Corn Tassle, you know if somebody on Hawley was doing 25 miles and hour, you could easily navigate out of those roads with reason.

The problem is people don't follow the speed limit and so now you're looking at a car down the road that could be doing 35 miles and hour. So, it's problematic all over, it's not just Stadely Rough, it's not just Hawley and those streets there, it's problematic in the city.

Our traffic unit is out constantly, issuing, citations are being issued constantly but it seems to be more, more of a social thing with people, you know and our society has changed.

People, you were just talking earlier with Pat Callahan about the people with boats on the lake, you know it wouldn't have happened twenty years ago."

The Mayor was referencing our conversation with CT State Rep Pat Callahan about noise and littering on Candlewood Lake, and you can here the full interview my clicking the video at the top of this page.

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