According to the Patch, a SWAT team had been dispatched to a residence on Wildman Street in the Hat City on Wednesday (5/24/23).

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Police were responding to a resident who was allegedly shooting out of his window. After what looked like a standoff, police were able to get inside and detain the man. No one was hurt in the incident. We spoke to Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito the following day (5/25/23) and asked about the incident.

Yesterday was a busy day for our police and fire folks. What happened over there on Wildman Street, was that guy having a mental break? He shot his gun out the window...

"Yeah, there was an issue over there obviously. Early in the morning we were down at a ceremony for the Police Department that we have annually, a memorial ceremony right next door in the park. All the sudden everybody ran, jumped in their cars and took off and I'm like what's going on? There was an incident over there on Wildman Street this guy was shooting outside his window or he took a couple of shots out the window. You know, the police went there an contained the area and made sure, through protocol because a lot of people were calling me. In fact, my sister was calling me and saying, what's going on on Wildman Street? I said there is a situation with a shooter and the police department has got the whole area contained and they talked him down obviously and got into the apartment and got him out. I don't know what his problems were at the time but there is an investigation ongoing but he was charged with discharging a firearm and different things."


Definitely shout out to the police because not only were they having to deal with this gentleman in a dangerous situation but they were doing so on a live video feed. The local Portuguese News outlet had a camera fixed on this thing the entire time. I was watching it from my desk. I couldn't believe it...

"Yeah, and that is a tough situation because the police do what they have to do per protocol and a lot of times people will say, why did it take so long? Why did they clear out the main area? Why did they stop schools? Well, it's all for preventative maintenance to make sure people aren't caught up in the whole situation. We'd have a problem after that. I commend the Police Department and Chief Ridenhour was all over it and the whole staff did a great job. You know, earlier in the morning I was on my way to work and Montgomery Street had a two alarm fire put 11 people out of their house. You know, the Fire Department did an excellent job as well. They got to the location and contained the fire and no one was injured. So, it was a bad day/good day right? At least no one got hurt and none of our staff, employees, fire or police got hurt." 

Listen to our discussion about the gun incident below.

This was the live feed I was telling the Mayor about from Jornal Comunidade.

Listen to our entire Thursday (5/25/23) interview with Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito below.

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Photo: Aurora Photography


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