I’ve been the co-host of the Ethan and Lou Morning Show for 14 years, in that time I’ve been contacted with thousands of stories.

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Some are funny, others sad and all are appreciated. I can’t know my audience if I don’t try to listen when they reach me.

Danbury Man Shares His UFO Eyewitness Story and Photos

Everyone has a story to tell and some are more interesting than others. Recently, I was contacted by a Danbury man who had read an article I’d written about UFO’s and he wanted to tell me his story and share his photos.
From the opening sentence, I knew it was a story I wanted to hear and the pictures were even more intriguing. This is a UFO story from a Danbury man named Bill Salvador, in his own words. 

I wanted to publish Bill’s story because I believe it. I can’t know for sure, right? So, if all I have to go on is my gut, this story passes that test.

There are some things that really stood out to me like fear. He mentioned he was “frightened.” People, especially men telling a story they made up, don’t tell you they were afraid of anything. If he made it up, he’d be ready to kick the UFO’s ass.

Another thing that really jumped at me was Bill said it looked like Jupiter was going to crash into Earth. When we (humans) see something that we can’t categorize, we still try to give it some distinction, some comparison.

Bill had to know that Jupiter wasn’t crashing into Earth, but it was the best explanation he could provide to himself in a moment when he had no answers.

The story checks out on my end. I know, the tape was conveniently, accidentally destroyed, that’s problematic but since I believe him, I know that this tears him up. I know he wishes he never turned this valuable tape over to a knucklehead kid that does this “all the time.”

Thank you, Bill, for sharing your story.

P.S. He actually sent me the destroyed video. The video is intact, there is something there and the audio remains but it's all blacked out. Maybe one of you can help Bill restore it.

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