Danbury Police say a city man's shopping cart was loaded up with fish and meat as he tried to sneak out of Stew Leonard's.

Attempting to leave the store two days before Christmas, Danbury Police told the NewsTimes that a Stew Leonard's employee reportedly stepped in front of George Kourpouanidis' shopping cart, which was allegedly loaded up with $3,400 worth of meat and fish.

On the same day of the attempted robbery, police and firefighters were also called to Stew's for a reported fire in the men's room. According to the warrant that was issued for Kourpouanidis' arrest, "the fire was set on purpose to cause a distraction for larceny to occur."

After leaving the store without his crab legs, police say that Kourpouanidis allegedly attempted to change his appearance, walk back into the store and tried a second time to sneak out with the cart full of meat and fish.

Police reported that Kourpouanidis has been arrested "numerous" times for larceny and burglary. On January 15, he was arrested once again and charged with reckless burning, conspiracy to commit robbery, first-degree criminal mischief, and breach of peace. He is currently being held on a $250,000 bond.

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