Danbury Ice Arena officials say they will no longer host animal circuses.

The last animal circus at the arena took place earlier this month and drew a number protesters. The Ice Arena has a brand new ownership group and says they were obligated to present the circus because the previous owner already had it on the calendar.

According to CT Post, The Ice Arena's new ownership group, Diamond Properties worked with and was persuaded by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to make the change going forward. Diamond Properties co-founder and president Bill Diamond said, “Diamond Properties is proud to align itself with PETA and its commitment to animal rights causes.”

Despite the fact that PETA is involved, I'm OK with this. I don't like PETA -- I think they are extremists, but animals like this don't belong in box trucks, going to hockey rinks in cities like Danbury. They belong in the wild. Ya know, 'cause they are wild animals.

You will always have someone counter that by telling you how "well" the animals are treated, and I call B.S. on that. I don't care if you give them cucumber water and deep tissue massages every Thursday. I don't care that they get the highest level of food and care. That's not what the animals are interested in. They are interested in being home in the wild, not captivity.

I always choose the interests of humans over animals when it is necessary. Circuses are not necessary. It's not something we have to have for our survival or improvement as humans. A circus is simply for our dumb-ass entertainment, and our entertainment does not trump the well-being of an animal.

Plus, if you've seen one circus, you've seen them all. They are boring and smelly.

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