Want to see unnecessary death defying acts? Just drive Eastbound on I-84 and head to Exit 7 in Danbury.

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We mix high speeds with last minute decisions and you have a recipe for disaster. You can pretty much catch a horrifying show here any time of day.

The mistake that is made here most often is a last minute lane change. I can see if you are from out of town and make a mistake but it happens so often here, you can't peg that on out-of-town drivers every time.

You either need to be in the left to push onto Brookfield, New Milford or beyond or you need to be in the right, to get to Exit 8 in Danbury, go further East into Newtown or  Southbury, but what you DO NOT need to do, is make this decision at the last second.

I think people think it's a CT law to switch lanes here at the last possible moment because I see people do it all the time. They not only make a split second, final hour change, they do it on two wheels and they often, almost take out another car along the way.

This spot, like all on I-84 has traffic congestion but when it doesn't, there's plenty of fair warning, letting you know where you need to be. Let's pick a lane, at least half a mile before the exit, please and we might save a life along the way.

Did you forget you were going to Lowe's AMC to see Fast & Furious 12? Did you wake up from a coma and panic? Did you want to cruise the Still River on a kayak but your passenger wanted to shop the Brass Mill Center in Waterbury, and they yanked the steering wheel?

This is not that complex. Attention Locals, we really should not be problematic drivers at this spot. Don't use a lane that you know you are not exiting on to save a few moments.

Before I finish, I'd like to let you know that I will continue this conversation by identifying other problem spots on I-84 in the future. So if Exit 7 Eastbound is not your "pet peeve location", we will get yours in due time.

Because we live in the CT/NY border area, I always like to ask versus questions about the two states. This is today's NY/CT versus.

WARNING - Language

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