Every day there is an announcement about some kind of change to the restrictions on our lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here in Connecticut, we found out last week that restaurant, retail, and some of our arts venues will be opening up at limited capacity over the next few weeks. Just today, a major change has been implemented at Danbury Hospital that will allow something so simple and crucial again, patient visitation.

As of today, March 9, Nuvance Health, the parent company of Danbury Hospital, has revised their patient visitation policy at Danbury Hospital to allow family members to be with their hospitalized loved ones. Danbury Hospital will now allow one family member/visitor, per patient, one visit per day. Visitors must wear a medical face mask and maintain social distance at all times. Visitors must be screened and checked in with a valid ID. The visit will be limited to 4 hours in duration maximum per day during scheduled times. Different policies apply for maternity and patients under 21.

Danbury Hospital will allow patient visitation between 4 and 8 PM daily. You must use the Main Entrance, the Stroock Building Entrance, the Ambulatory SurgeryUnit Entrance, or the Danbury Hospital Medical Arts Center Entrance.

For maternity patients, to support social distancing in triage, the support person can accompany the patient to the entrance, and then wait in their vehicle. If the maternity patient is admitted, you will be called and screened and allowed in if you pass the screening.

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This change to the visitation policy is also in going into effect at other Nuvance Health facilities in our area. Today, this police is also being instituted at Poughkeepsie's Vassar Brothers Medical Center, and it's already been in place at New Milford Hospital, Sharon Hospital, Norwalk Hospital, Northern Dutchess Hospital, and Putnam Hospital.

It's also important to note that Nuvance Health has also instituted a policy change for extenuating circumstances such as imminent, end-of-life situations, or support for patients with special intellectual, physical, behavioral concerns, etc., to allow two support visitors. Click HERE to read the full policy.

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